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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I commission a painting?

Until recently the answer to this would have been - Sorry no. All paintings are produced from personal inspiration and not as a result of family, friend or potential client request. I really don't like commissions and that's been why I've never done them (with one exception). Art is personal and I don't create to sell. So the price of originals reflects my loathing to sell my work - it's expensive deliberately so you don't buy originals. If people start buying at my pieces I will probably put them up to a price where they stop buying my work. Well thats the idea anyway. However due to demand I will accept some commissions, but would only do so dependent of a number of factors such as timescale, subject matter and freedom of the artist to choose theme, subject and style. The price is not dependent on the size of the canvas but the work involved. As a guide price The Bridge at Gweek would retail at £6,500 - and that's 'mates rates'

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Can I request prints of works?

Yes All prints come mounted and framed. Depentant on size required depends on the price. This is very much down to production cost of print, cost of mount and frame and then the time taken to put it all together. Prints are limited to a maximum of 20 for each work. Each is numbered, signed and dated by year of painted. On the back of the frame the catalogue number, persons name a description of the art work and date produced Limited edition (numbered and signed, close to original size) framed prints at £175. However if the original is very large the artist will reduce the reprint size to a total frame size nearer to 24 x 18 inches to keep the cost within the target of £175. If you wish to have larger reprints please discuss and I shall accommodate. Prints alone - not available at this time.

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