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Maenporth Maids

This is a combination of three influences. My wife Maria mentioned she liked 'The Shell Seekers' (numerous artists) and would like something similar. I wanted to try my hand at painting humans again after many many years of avoiding such subject matter and I was shown a photo of the girls by my friend Heather (mother of Rosie and Eithne) and I just loved the composition and the innocence it portrayed.

The girls were trying to bury their feet in the sand - and it looks like they were doing a really good job.

Maenporth Maids is the first painting in over 25 years which incorporated people within the subject matter. 
Painted in acrylics this work gave me so much satisfaction and was a joy to paint


Catalogue Number 1.

Given September 2009

Miss Rosie May-Bennett

I gave the first signed, framed print to Rosie May-Bennett for her 9th Birthday. Left to right, Millie, Rosie and Eithne.

Now hangs pride of place in Rosie's bedroom.

Gift to self
Catalogue number 2.
Given September 2009
As my darling wife claimed the original to hang in the bedroom I had to settle for a framed print to hang downstairs. :-)

Catalogue Number 3.
Given December 2010 
Gina Frost
To my mum, for a Christmas present.

Catalogue Number 4
Given December 2011
As a christmas present to my sister Lorraine as she nagged me so much that she loved it. Unfortunately the photo stuck to the glass and I had to replace it a few months later.

Catalogue Number 5.
Sarah, Wai and Cheeky Monkey.
Given December 2012 to my beautiful daughter, son and grandson as a Christmas present along with an original of Hong Kong harbour.