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Dels Page

Picture for Del.jpg

Last year (2013) we said goodbye to a lovely person and a good paramedic. Del took his own life as a result of support system that totally failed him. 

Too many of my friends in the ambulance service across the UK over the past 15 years have taken their own lives due to pressures of the job, lack of work life balance, bullying, or just a plain indifference that paramedics are human and can only work so long, so hard without food, rest periods and proper caring attitudes from the ambulance services. Almost to the week I lost another great friend (Matt) this year. How many more, I'm sure it never used to be like this and I don't see why it is like this now. There must be compassion for those who go onto the street of England every day to help others.

The painting here was created immediately after his death. It's not a great piece of art by any means but it reflects what I felt at the time. Darkness, troubled turbulent waters and isolation. I promised to give it to Dels wife to sell but never did as I though it wasn't really worth that much to others. 

If someone wants to buy this painting then the proceeds will go directly to "Thinking of Del" charity that raises money for the Cornwall Search and Rescue Team. Facebook Thinking of Del

Anything over £50 would be good as the canvas alone cost me £20 and the pain probably about the same amount.

email me on Mike@bjarkoy.org if you're interested.