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Old Stuff

Old Stuff


I did this when I was 15 years old at Queens Park School. My art teacher was Oscar Thompsett and he encouraged me to go into art college, which I did for a short while until I realise that I should be making money rather than being a burden to my mother who was supporting me through college as I couldn't get a grant.

This is a 4 feet by 3 feet lino print of two martial artists. The inspiration was based on my infatuation with Bruce Lee who, despite never meeting the guy, was a major influence in my life as someone to aspire to. In 2002 I visited his grave in Seattle at Lake View Cemetery to thank him for his guidance.

Oscar Thompsett still has a one of my prints of this in his house - just in case !


This is a litho print I did when at Eastbourne College of Art and Design.

It is a pencil drawing of the head of a sheep and then layers of ink printed over it. The original mount and frame was damaged in transit down to Cornwall in 2003 so I have replaced it and now has permanent reisdence in my front room. I do like this one.


This is an 'oil on canvas' of Brighton Lifeboat, Shoreham Lifeboat and Newhaven Lifeboat going out of Brighton Marina in a Force 9. 

Circa 1984 if memory serves me well. Original photo taken with a 400mm telescoping lens by me from the spending beach in the marina.

I never really got around to completing the painting, but it looks OKish.


Oil Pastels on paper.

Early 1990s, April. Just finished a night shift at Brighton Ambulance Station.
Got home and the day was too perfect to go to sleep. So I did what any self respecting artist would do at 7am.... make bit pot of pasta and bolognaise, open a bottle of red wine, blast Italian Opera as loud as you can bear it and sit out in the sunshine having an ART ATTACK.
I got in such a mess and was so drunk by the end of it. Perfect day !